Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Sweet Memories Of Engineering Life

The days which i never get,the friends with whom i shared all my happiness and sadness

and the college which showed me a path for the future.All those fun filled memories of 4 years of

my Engineering life left tears in my eyes on the last day of my college life..........

I did my Electrical And Electronics Engineering(EEE) at SASTRA UNIVERSITY during the year(2004-2008).

Our college is located exactly on the highway between trichy(Tiruchirapalli) and

Thanjavur.Around 35kms from Trichy and 17kms from thanjavur.First of all i like to say about

Thanjavur and Trichy.Generally i mostly preferTrichy than going to thanjavur.You can say that

thanjavur is just 17kms whereas trichy is double than that.The main reason is that, in thanjavur

there are 2 bus stands (new bus stand and old bus stand).To go to Thanjavur first we have to

get down at new bus stand and we have to hire another bus to old bus stand.In new bus stand

we cannot find anything except Arya Vilas(Veg Hotel). If we want to go for shopping or movies

or temple certainly we have to reach old bus stand.In thanjavur i used to visit 2 places

frequently.1)Brahadeeshwara Temple(Temple Of God) 2) Sathar's(Temple Of Food).Thanjavur

is mainly famous for Brihadeeshwara Temple(Lord SHIVA). A nice tourist place

to visit.Whenever i like to have lunch or dinner outside along with my friends we always choose

Sathar's(A good non-veg restaurant).

Let's come to Trichy.It is a good Industrial Town.If Chennai is not the capital of

Tamil Nadu, the 2nd chance will go for Trichy.From our college it will take exactly one hour to

reach trichy.Srirangam temple and Rock fort temple were famous in this place.For every

semester holidays we used to board a train very often from Trichy than Thanjavur."Banana

Leaf" an another good non-veg restaurant in Trichy.This is all about my college neighbouring

towns(Thanjavur and Trichy).There is so much to tell about these places, if i do so then we can

publish one book itself for these two places.....


Welcome to my college,this is how the lettering at my college gate entrance looks like.Actually

iam from Andhra Pradesh and i scored 89.3% in the intermediate state board and based on that

percentage i got EEE in this college.

B_TECH First Year---------

I heard a lot about ragging in engineering colleges before getting admission in this college.I

was ragged on the first day of my college life.In my college, tamilians will be ragged by tamil

seniors,north indians by north indian seniors and andhra guys by telugu seniors.I was ragged in

a single room by nearly 10 to 15 seniors surrounded me. I cannot forget that day.Everyone says

that ragging should be prohibited,but only through ragging we can have good contact with

seniorsI cried on that day when i got ragged,later they helped me in many aspects by giving me

studymaterials and also by helping me in tough situations.

In our college, for every year there will be 2 semesters, and for

each semester there are 3 mid sems(internals) and for every subject two best internals will

considered for our end sem. In my first year we got only 2 mid sems. we are unlucky that we

have to attemp those two mid sems compulsorily.

My room mates were Swanand(andy),Niraj,Siddhanth,rajiv

kumar pandey(BABA)...We used to stay in SPS(sandipanisadan),C-203.(C-central wing).In my

first year i used to study a lot and enjoy a little.I used to get tensed for even small small

assignments.Till now i can remember those night outs during exams.I can still remember my

deadliest paper Engineering Drawing(ED). I used to practise a lot for ED during exams.As my

name starts with "A",iam always no.1 in my class.I used to sit at the back bench along with Rahul

and Alapan.Some how i completed my first year with CGPA 7.67..

B-Tech Second Year-----------

I stepped into my second year of my engineering, the first thing for which iam happy is that

i became a senior,but i didn't rag much.In the second year i stayed along with alapan in

AV(Ananda Vihar).I don't remember the room number exactly.This time our college started

implementing 3 mid-semesters for every semester.

In this sem,i struggled a lot with "ELECTRICAL MACHINES".I used to bunk some exams during mid semesters but some how

i managed to write two mid sems for every subject.In the 2nd yr i started playing cricket and i was lucky to be a member

of the team named "ENCHANTING EAGLES".This team didn't survive for a long time.I used to open the innings along with

Praneeth( a good batsman).I came out of the team at the end of 3rd semester.I can remember that during exams time myself

and my roomie Alps used to watch movies in his system by holding a book in our hands at early mng 2:00 am when the exam

is at 9:00am in the mng.we used to sleep at 3:00am and wake up again at 6:00am.I used to enjoy a lot in the second

year.At the end of second yr iam still a seven point some one.

B-Tech Third Year-------------

In third year,during 6th sem i used to stay in sps along with Vineel,Gopi and Santhanam.Later i shifted

to New hostel.In New hostel i used to stay along with Saketh,Santhanam,Gopi.In the third year i used to

study Sidney Sheldon novels a lot and i became a great fan of sidney sheldon.My neighbouring room mates were Rajan,

Santosh, Satish,Jaasim.we used to have combined studies during exams.Again i started playing cricket along with them

which i left in 2nd year.We didn't form any team,but every evening after college we used to play casually.In this year

our EEE department organised an industrial visit to Bangalore and Ooty.We have enjoyed this a lot.We visited Wonderla in Bangalore.

I used to sit along with nataraj and alapan at the back bench in the class.I used to write lyrics during the class hours

It's time to decide the future.Campus Placements are ahead.I used to worry a lot about these placements.

List of companies

TCS-------------------failed to qualify in written test
WIPRO-----------------out in technical intrw
INFOSYS--------------- written test
HCL------------------- wriiten test
CARITOR---------------failed in HR intrw
INAUTIX---------------failed in GD
US Tech---------------failed in GD
L&T INFOTECH----------Got SELECTED.............hurray.....hahahahahahaaaa........

After getting placed in L&T i completely left studying...i enjoyed a lot Alapan got

placed in INFOSYS. Nataraj got placed in TCS....Third year completed..

STill a SEVEN point Someone................

B-TECH Fourth Year-----------

The last and final year of Engineering Life...This time i stayed along with Alapan in AV.We two used to spend

most of the time in watching movies.I don't know how many movies i watched during my will be in hundreds..

In the seventh semester we have gone for a trip to MUNNAR, Cochin and Alleppey.Really its a nice trip and we have enjoyed

a lot.(Swanand,Ashwin,Nataraj,Saketh,Sooraj,Santosh Raja,Prasad and me).

The last and final semester, 8th semester..time to do project work.I did my project in ECIL

Hyderabad along with Nishanth and Bharath.Our project time is just one month.Nishanth almost

sacrificed his life for

this project work.We did our project on "Nuclear Reactor Regulating System".This is just a study

project.Our college didn't allow study study projects.But all credit goes to Nishanth and Bharath

as they converted this study pjt to practical

one by using MATLAB. Ima just a spectator.During that one month in Hyderabad we enjoyed a lot instead of doing pjt work

We had a regular attendance at IMAX and RTC complex theatres......finally pjt work is completed and again we are back to college.

In this final sem we had a big trip to Kanya kumari,Rameshwaram and Madurai(members:Nataraj, shashadhar,

Saketh,Bharath,Kashyap,Nishanth and me).I enjoyed that trip................

Atlast our end semester exams were almost near.We had a farewell party and for the second time in college life

tears came from my eyes....i don't know why.....At that moment i cannot able to control my tears..Our class

members had a small party at the canteen......tat's the end of farewell day........

finally end sem exams were over.....and iam still


All andhraites of final year celebrated a big party at "parisutham Hotel" in Thanjavur before departing.....

finally we departed.........................................................................................

Right now iam waiting for my call from my company....I can still be in touch with some of my frnz through Orkut.........

Frenz, i didn't mention everything that has happened in my coll days...I mentioned only few...If i started writing everything it will be one more Five point some one....just kidding....

Really iam missing those beautiful days....


Nutties said...

Hey the sweet memories are expressed very sweetly.A nice one to read and get the happy feeling of the memories(of course at any time in our life).

hope the future will also b sweet...
Nats(Nataraj Erukulla)

srinivas kalyan said...

That is so nice anna.Iam from sastra university and i can see almost the same kind of memories what u had in ur period and right now we are leaving college with tears anna.It is so bad to leave from college anna.Loved ur blog.......